Integrated management strategies for the enhancement of the heritage constituted by lighthouses, semaphores and sea marks of the Mediterranean

The project MED-PHARES aims to initiate the recovery and valorization of Mediterranean lighthouses and semaphores: an immense coastal heritage that once again made accessible and usable by local population and tourists, will become key factor of economic and cultural development, after having for years represented a valuable support to mariners and an important defensive garrison.

The main stages of the project are:

  • A phase of study and cataloging of coastal sites on the Mediterranean, will kick off the rediscovery of a resource, for too long hidden or forgotten, on which to base a strategy of sustainable growth, which entrusts to the coast a starring role.
  • The Conservatoria delle coste and its partners will guide the ambitious process aiming to create an international network of lighthouses and semaphores, called to tell the thousand-year history of the peoples of the Mediterranean, keeping alive its myths and legends.
  • The crucial step, the true heart of MED-PHARES, will be the path of consultation between citizens and institutions on design assumptions for new uses and development strategies of nine "pilot" sites, in which conducting restoration and valorization: after years of neglect, these areas will therefore be returned to the local communities, along with the stories and emotions that they have managed to preserve through the centuries.

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